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From 1956 until now, I have used steering knobs and until now without exception had to tolerate weak or flawed construction and too often, damage to the steering wheel. At last, there is a steering knob that is rock solid strong and easily mounted without tools. So why did it take 59 years for someone to make the perfect spinner? Hmm!
Dr Buzz Thompson 


Jim, thanks for offering a product I've been looking for for some time now, and also for shipping it so quickly.

Brian... Ellsworth, WI       


Great quality excellent service even answers his calls! great guy



Just wanted to let you know I received the steering wheel knob and am very please with its quality and function. I plan to order another one soon ! Thanks Jim for a great functional product !


Hi James, yes the knob arrived and it appears to be of really good quality. Will put it to the test today.

Thanks... Glenn

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