The "Quick-Knob" is available with International shipping to your global address using

USPS (United States Postal Service) in co-operation with your Country's mail service.


This ("Sport" $90.00 Or "Classic" only 85.00) includes USPS International Shipping To: CANADA UK IRELAND, MOST OF EUROPE, AUSTRAILIA


Be sure to watch your email... If your destination Country requires additional shipping charges, Jim will hold your order and contact you by email right away with an email invoice for any additional shipping charges. Your order will not ship until Jim receives payment for additional charges... and of course, you can cancel your order completely and receive a full refund anytime before your "Quick-Knob" is shipped.  



                            Only our 2 Best Models                            

Available for

 International Purchase


Replacement Straps and 

Long Life Bearings (sport)

Long Life Bearingless (endurance)


Just Call Jim Now @716-830-9960 with any Questions...!!!  

Canadians... If you travel through Buffalo or Niagara Falls USA You can purchase the Quick-Knob locally just over the bridge in the Buffalo, NY area 

for just $50(usd) or $75(cdn) Cash... Just Call Jim anytime @716-830-9960.




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